Ultra Compact Bike Multitool


There are some pretty nifty bike multitools out there, but this is an interesting addition to what is available, having 16 different tools, and is a simple addition to put on your key ring so you always have it with you, on and off your bike.

Manufactured with a rugged, stainless steel design, the company’s innovative new Geekey is ideal for essential everyday uses, including to open bottles and cans, cut through boxes, plastic clamshell packaging and sealed foil bottle caps, split pills, start clear tape rolls, open paint cans, open knots, pull staples, deflate air stems, release zip ties, cut twine, adjust bike spokes, bend wire, and file material, and as a general scraper, convenient wrench and a new unique screwdriver.

“Just imagine having a compact toolbox no further away than your keychain,” said Brad Sliger, Geekey founder, Principal Designer and CEO. “As a big multi-tool fan and user, I have always loved the idea of having multiple tools at my fingertips, but often have been left wanting more from existing products. So I wanted to design a multi-tool with high functionality and a versatility of features housed in an ultra-compact architecture that could easily fit into your pocket.”

Geekey’s different tool applications include:

  • Bike Spoke Key — A 3.2/3.3mm (0.127 inch) standard design that easily fits in between bike wheel spokes to rotate the spoke nipple.
  • Multi-Fit Screwdriver — A new patent pending multi-fit screwdriver tip that will fit a #2/3 Slotted, #2 Square Drive, #2/3 Phillips, and #2/3 Combinations (Phillips/Slotted or Phillips/Square) screw all in one bit.
  • Bottle and Can Opener — Equipped with an opener that can open any stubborn cap in a pinch. It can also open standard metal paint cans in multiple sizes.
  • Open Wrench — Offers a standard ¼ inch open wrench that allows the user to freely move the wrench in desired positions while tightening or loosening a fastener.
  • Closed Wrench — A new patent pending design combines both Metric and Imperial sizes into one.
  • Serrated Edge — An enclosed serrated edge allows the cutting of plastic line, twine, rope, fishing line, and leather, and is great for envelopes. With the serrated edge being enclosed, Geekey is TSA compliant for aircraft carry on.
  • Scoring Tip — Opens many things including, boxes, plastics clamshells, and sealed foil bottles.
  • Bit Driver — Comes with a standard ¼ inch hex pocket that will fit any desired bit.
  • Wire Stripper and Wire Bender — Features a 30° corner slot and angled inner edge that provides a sharp wedge that strips various sizes of wire. Geekey’sopen spoke wrench can also perform as a wire bender.
  • Ruler — Comes equipped with a 90° protractor, a 1-inch ruler, and a 3-centimeter ruler.
  • File — Has a linear file that can be used on wood, metal, and plastic.

The company has launched an Indiegogo campaign which, at the time of writing, is at 125% of its funding target with 10 days left to go.


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