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There are always two things to think about when considering adding something to your bike if you’re a keen cyclist: the effect on performance (weight and wind resistance factors) and the looks. I suppose I should add price, though buying things for your bike is a bit like the magical N+1 formula.

So something that just has to be taken off a bike (or not put on in the first place) is the clunky plastic reflector fitted to the spokes of most bikes sold. They might help you to be safe, but there’s no way you can describe them as cool!

I have tried the 3M reflectors that fit on your spokes but found that keeping them clean over several thousand km was an issue, as well as losing the odd one here and there, and a slight noise from them. And after a couple of years riding including some longer tours, they appeared to be a bit brittle.

On one of my periodic tours of Kickstarter to see if there were some new bike ideas out there, I came across an elegant looking solution, which also has a good technical specification to it. It’s a high performance wheel reflector, called Flectr, that is almost weightless – at 0.7g – has outstanding aerodynamics and brilliant levels of reflection thanks to the thousands of microprisms in its flag like design, measuring just 20 x 50mm.

While my road bike days are behind me, I do like the idea of being visible on my touring bike (even if weight is no longer quite so important) so this was an idea on Kickstarter that I backed – along with more than 700 others. The Munich based design team behind the idea has raised over €27,000 compared with their target of €4500 with 20 days left to go, and they are estimating despatch by the end of June.

Want to be seen, without a weight penalty on your bike  – and still keep looking cool? Then Flectr might be for you too.



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