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When is a cargo bike not a cargo bike? When you opt for the “family” option on the Urban Arrow range. Their bike comes with different modules that connect easily to the propulsion unit of their bike, giving you 3 different bike options:


This is a cargo bike with electric pedal assist with which you can transport your children quickly and easily in town. The bike has a lightweight aluminium frame and is easy to manoeuvre, so you wend your way through the traffic. Leave the car at home and take the kids by bike. Just what the family needs.

urbanarrow shortyShorty:

A tough commuter bike, the design is so typically Dutch, as you can see. Somehow it is both ugly & beautiful, and is also quite fast. Unlike a scooter, it’s easy to carry a lot without losing manoeuvrability. It doesn’t matter if it’s a briefcase or pizza, you can move you and your cargo quickly from A to B.

urbanarrow cargoCargo:

This model is an ideal replacement for the urban delivery van, but better: the last mile is green, fast, efficient, and silent – and doesn’t need fuel. So there are no particulates: good for the environment and your company’s image, which you can promote on the great advertising space on the front and sides.

The Urban Arrow range is powered by the Bosch e-bike drive system and there’s a whole range of accessories, such as bike ponchos, rain covers,maxi-cosis. All the details are online.


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