Véloroute 33 – The Seine by Bike


Six French départments along the river Seine have been working on Véloroute 33 – The Seine by Bike – connecting the French capital to the sea by a bike path, giving access to Honfleur and Deauville, as well as Le Havre by bike.

The inclusion of Le Havre in that list is noteworthy for us in the UK, as it gives a ferry route into or back out of France, as well as the 400km route to and from Paris. And it’s planned to be ready for 2020.

While sections of the route already exist, “ADAS” (the Association of the Departments of the Seine axis) is working on getting these integrated into one signed route along what will become Véloroute 33 – The Seine by Bike.

This is all part of the fantastic French drive to provide for cycling tourism which has led to them getting awards.

We wrote only a few days ago about the Paris to Mont St Michel route, and how the coastal end of that route was not far from Cherbourg, to provide access to or from the UK.

Cycle Touring in France: the Veloscenic Route

For those with the time and the leg muscle, you might want to plan for 2020 when you could cycle Véloroute 33 – The Seine by Bike – from Le Havre to Paris and then Paris to Mont St Michel and on to Cherbourg, for the return ferry trip to the UK.

Alternatively, as Benjamin del Monte, who is responsible for the cycle route and greenways project in the department of Eure and coordinator of the overall “Seine by bike” project, told actu.fr “In Deauville, there is the sea, but also a train station that allows cyclists to return by train, or vice versa”.

Michel Lamarre, mayor of Honfleur and vice-president of the department of Calvados, added “It’s a cultural and fun way to bring the Parisian population to Normandy”. Perhaps it won’t just be Parisians, Monsieur Lamarre!

“Alors, tous à bicyclette!” Not “On your bike” but “mount up & let’s go”.


  1. Hoping to ride the route this summer – does anyone have any info on how close the route is to completion now? It’s it cycle-able as is?


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