Velosock Bike Cover


Lots of things are going up:

  • Cycling is on the increase (great news!)
  • The average purchase price of bikes is climbing (as cyclists go for better bikes)
  • House prices are going up even faster
  • unfortunately bike thefts are increasing too

So it is no wonder that more and more cyclists are choosing to store their bike indoors, particularly as more people are living in flats.

Which brings about the question of how do you keep your apartment clean, when bikes can bring a fair amount of dirt and grime in with them on their bike tyres? There’s an attractive and practical answer to the problem, called the Velosock.

Available in a one size fits (pretty much) all – for frames measuring between 1.6 and 2.0 metres long – and in a range of different patterns, the machine-washable cover keeps not only your rooms clean but also protects your car’s interior if you transport your bike that way; importantly, it also gives some good protection to your bike. There are different sizes available for kids bikes too.

Despatch is from the Latvian based company with free postage and packaging to the UK, though if you want express delivery there is a €17 charge.

If you’re into travel, they do some quite neat case covers too.

Velosock details are online.


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