Velove Armadillo Cargobike Gains a Trailer


It’s been interesting to watch the progress of the Swedish company Velove and their “Armadillo” cargo bike, which went into some successful trials with international courier company DHL – which we reported on back in April of this year.

Velove was set up by Johan Erlandsson, who is a self-confessed car freak, but a car-freak who not only realised that the world was getting more and more polluted by cars, and set out to put his beliefs into practice in offering a practical urban delivery solution for the “last mile”. There have now been several generations of Armadillo prototypes, which have looked increasingly well engineered, particularly since Dutch bike manufacturers and designers Flevobike got involved. (I know them well, as I bought my “Orca” velomobile from them.

Velove have now gone a step further in their innovation, as the main image shows: they now have a semi-trailer, which turns their 4 wheel recumbent cargobike into a six wheeler, which can either have a 300kg load carrying 1 m2 flatbed, or have a 1 m3 “city container” (as per the DHL example) or a canopy. They also provide van to bike ramps as well as bike to ground ramps, so their solution is fully thought through for handling the last mile of urban parcel delivery, for example.

Johan tells me that they will be shipping these configurations from April of 2016.


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