Verve InfoCrank Steps Up a Gear


Verve Cycling, the developer and manufacturer of InfoCrank, has just simplified precise cadence measurement by eliminating the need for additional sensors – including magnets.

After extensive testing by pro-teams, its new CPS technology (Crank Position System) is now available as a free firmware download for existing InfoCrank customers as the Revolution Update (RevUp).

InfoCrank proprietary Crank Position System (CPS) precisely detects every cadence pulse regardless of rider intensity and individual pedal style. It does this without magnets, accelerometers or any other additional sensors: its integrated technology offers greater accuracy with fewer margins for error. When magnets are present on the rider’s bike, the CPS built-in intelligence system detects them and works as a magnet-based system. Otherwise, it will work on its own power if no magnets are present.

Having lost several magnets off my bike, this sounds like a great development.

Every upgrade of the new CPS comes with a personal guarantee from Verve that the accuracy of cadence measurement will remain at the highest level.

We reported back in November that Verve had signed up UK distribution and then in December that One Pro had selected the Infocrank. They have recently been testing the CPS.



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