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There seems to be three distinct approaches to the design of e-bikes: either you have the very visible addition of the battery, possible on or under the pannier rack on the rear of the bike, looking almost like an afterthought or the first attempts to create an e-bike; or you have some quite sophisticated attempts to hide the fact that you are looking at an e-bike such as the wooden ebike from German Aceteam or the touring / commuting bike from Freygeist; and then you get the full-on just-look-at-me design that just pulls the eye – so you have to look at it.

Vintage Electric brought out a retro bike that had us swooning over its classic Californian cruiser with art deco design elements. And now they have done it again with their “Scrambler”.

The company suggests that this is a “have-your-cake-and-eat-it” bike because it is works just as well pulling up at the local coffee shop as it does climbing to a breath taking view off-road. Whichever you are doing, local trips to the shops and commuting, or going off road, you will do it in comfort with moto-inspired inverted design suspension forks. The oversized heavy duty handlebars put you in a comfortable upright position, stable on all terrains, and easily able to stop with the oversized 203mm hydraulic front and 160mm rear Shimano Alfine disc brakes.

The centrally mounted sand-cast aluminium battery box protects the 702 watt hour lithium battery and other components, as well as dispersing heat which means that the system can run at lower temperatures which has a beneficial effect on efficiency.

Those who decide to leave the road will be pleased to see that the Scrambler has Schwalbe Black Jack knobby tyres which give good traction on dirt, as well as being made of robust Kevlarguard to protect against punctures. These are on 26 inch aluminium 36 spoke, hand laced and tensioned wheels.

The brave among the off-roaders will want to switch the Scrambler into Race Mode. This allows the 3000 Watt rear hub motor to accelerate the rider rapidly to 36 mph (58 kph). Vintage say that this mode is intended for off road use only. When you are ready to return home on the roads, you just remove the race-mode key to switch back to “street legal” mode and comply with the European pedelec speed standards.

Integrated LED lights are standard, powered from the main 52v 13.5 AH battery with integrated wiring, so there are no separate batteries to worry about. The main battery can then be recharged in 2 hours, and provides a range of 35 miles in 250 to 740 Watt street-legal mode. The battery pack has an estimated life of 30,000 miles.

One other excellent feature of this eye-catching bike is that it deploys a regenerative braking system for energy recapture, which is not yet common on the majority of ebikes.

To complete my love affair, the Scrambler has hand crafted leather grips and saddle from Brooks.

The US recommended retail price is $6995 which is a bit more expensive since the pound has taken a post-Brexit nose dive at around £5380. If you are interested, you will need to get an order in smartly as this is a limited edition bike with only 50 going to be made.


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