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Need a wall bike rack to store your bike tidily whether in the house or apartment or at the office? This is the smallest wall bike rack and the least expensive.

The story goes that several Canadian industrial designers were regular cycling commuters into work and there was an issue of storing their bikes tidily. So they designed a small wall bike rack for their own use. Actually, they designed loads of them – till they got it right, 3D printing the designs and testing them.

Once they were happy they had finalised the design for a wall bike rack, they went on to Kickstarter and received massive support for their tiniest of wall bike racks that are so simple to install.

Clug Wall Bike Rack in Multiple Colours

The “Clug” wall bike rack – or floor bike rack, depending on where you wish to fit it – comes in a selection of colours and comprises two components. The first is the “clipper”, which screws to the wall. The box it arrives in serves as a template for where to drill the two holes that are required. One user has suggested that when you screw this

Fitting the Clug Wall Bike Rack
Fitting the Clug Wall Bike Rack

item to the wall, you could screw through a Velcro or other tape, so you can fasten the bike in place, and not just rely on the second component which is the “gripper”. Once the gripper is on the wall, the clipper just snaps in place inside the gripper.

The Clug wall bike rack is so small that it is discreet for home or office use. You can choose whether you want your bike stored horizontally or vertically according to the amount of space you have (or, perhaps, don’t have) and personal preference.

You need to work out which type of bike you are going to store in your “Clug” rack before ordering. There are three sizes which depend on tyre types and sizes. For road bikes with tyres between 23-28mm there is the “Clug”. For 32-47 mm tyres there is the Clug Hybrid, and for mountain bikes with tyres of 1.75”-2” there is the Clug MTB.

You need to keep in mind that this is a device to hold your bike in place rather than a security device such as the more elaborate, more expensive but wonderfully secure Airlok from Hiplok, which we reviewed previously.


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