Warming the Brass Monkeys


One of the worst things about winter cycling has to be getting fingers that are frozen. I have tried silk gloves inside some heavy duty winter cycling gloves; that often does the trick, but on a long ride and or on a particularly cold day, it isn’t always enough.

So it interested me to see that EKOÏ has brought out some auto-heating cycling gloves. They are rated down to -20° which I have not yet experienced round here! EKOÏ is the French cycling products retailer with a good online shop for customisable products.

The gloves, which are called HEAT CONCEPT, come with two removable and rechargeable batteries which work for 2 to 5 hours, depending on the level of heat you select. The gloves come with a button on the back of the hand that allows you to adjust the heat. The regulation of the heat is facilitated by the change of colour according to the temperature chosen: green for 25°, yellow for 30°, orange for 35°, and red for 40° – where I can’t help but think that my hands would find those highest temperature levels a bit on the hot side. The adjustment comes through a button on the back of the hand which allows you to adjust the heat.

The batteries are Lithium Polymer 7.4 Volt, 2500 Ma, with a heating power of 15 Watts.

The important thing apart from the heat is that these are still cycling gloves, made of neoprene with a reinforced palm with anti-slip silicone inserts. They tighten nicely around the wrist to stop cold air getting in. The heat is distributed through a network of filaments that distribute the heat evenly.

The gloves are available in M, L and XL sizes and have a suggested retail price of €139.95.


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