Waterproof Backpack for Cycling


Small American company Ridgeback has produced a minimalist design horizontal waterproof backpack for cycling and hiking which weighs just 226g.

A 2-litre hydration bladder is also available for this ultralight, durable and comfortable backpack.

Jon Espeland, the founder of Ridgeback, has a lot of active experience, which includes running in marathons, completing an Ironman, enjoying a multi-ride of the coast of Oregon, as well as running trail races in California, hiking the Appalachian trail, skiing and surfing. Part of this impressive list led him to design the waterproof backpack for cycling.

“When I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, I took my hip-belt off before crossing streams and shallow rivers, climbing up or down steep sections or going across large rocks for better balance. So, when I designed a backpack for outdoor adventures, I wanted to create something that would move in unison with me at all times and wouldn’t require any adjustments regardless of the terrain.”

Jon has a passion for product design and has worked as a product consultant to a Fortune 1000 company. In addition, he holds a degree in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Due to the low profile and position of the waterproof backpack for cycling, it minimizes the distance of the fulcrum point from the body thereby minimising the effective weight. The combination of these elements also reduces the movement response lag.

The Eastern Highlands Pack is available in two materials (Dyneema X Gridstop or Gray NeoShell). Dyneema X Gridstop is waterproof and has a grid made from Dyneema thread to prevent tearing. It has both an X pattern grid and a square pattern grid. Neoshell is a waterproof yet breathable fabric that will allow anything in your pack to dry when you are cycling.

Waterproof Backpack for Cycling with Drink Reservoir

The 2-litre horizontal reservoir has a baffle to help it maintain a slim profile. The top opens wide for easy filling. The drink tube is easily disconnected to remove the reservoir from the lightweight backpack for ease of refilling and there is an auto-shutoff valve to prevent leakage. The bite valve self-seals after each sip. As part of the thought-through design, there is a strong magnet to keep the tube in place for quick hydration. The horizontal reservoir is 100% BPA and PVC free, is top-shelf dishwasher safe and is now included in the price of the lightweight backpack for cycling at US$ 97.50.





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