Ways to Prevent Cycling Accidents


SpyCycle has been sent an infographic by Accident Advice Helpline, showing how at risk cyclists are, and giving ways to avoid cyclingaccidents. They indicated that this was an attempt to educate people about the risks that can faced when riding a bike. It is packed full of interesting, yet sometimes frightening statistics, that everyone should be aware of. This information is not just aimed at those who ride a bike but for those who drive cars or other vehicles to showcase how vulnerable cyclists can really be.

The Accident Advice Helpline was established in 2000 in order to help innocent victims claim the compensation that they deserve. Since then it has grown into one of the most useful services on the market today, priding themselves in high-quality customer service. The company has endorsements by Dame Esther Rantzen and hundreds of happy clients who have previously claimed through their company.

To give you a taste of what to expect in the infographic here are some of the most shocking cycling statistics to give you an idea of what is in store:

  • 1% of miles driven are by cyclists yet they account for over 6% of all fatalities.
  • In 2013 109 cyclists were killed on the roads and 3,143 were seriously injured.
  • 80% of cyclist casualties are male.
  • The most at risk group of death or injury are those aged 36-45

Most people understand that cyclists are vulnerable road users as they don’t have the hard outer shell of a car to protect them. However, a significant amount of drivers don’t pay enough attention to cyclists on the roads. Reading this information will hopefully draw your attention towards the mistakes that can be made and the most common cycling accidents.

Services like those offered by Accident Advice Helpline are crucial for people who have been involved in a crash, and help those injured carry on with their lives. Without the information and help on offer, thousands of victims would fail to get the compensation and justice they deserve. If you ever find yourself in the situation of being injured, make sure you turn to the right people for help.

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