Wearable Bike Light Indicators


Smart wearable bike light indicators have just been launched on Kickstarter with the aim of improving both safety and confidence on the road.

Cycling start-up WAYV has an ambition to radically improve road safety for cyclists with the introduction of  smart wearable bike light indicators, which come as a harness and helmet adapter. The breakthrough products have been created to help other road users see cyclists and their intended manoeuvres in low light, when cyclists are at their most vulnerable. At night, hand signals are barely visible and are often performed very briefly to avoid losing control of the bike. WAYV directly addresses this safety problem with an innovative indication feature.

Where others have added indicators to handle-bars (see this article and this one ) or just to helmets or to wear on your hand Wayv – which also has a bike helmet adapter – focuses on a harness which can be worn over a backpack or direct and provides a large area of illumination

Amit Trehan, founder of WAYV, explained: “I decided to create WAYV following an accident I had at a junction in London. Although I had lights, the driver simply couldn’t see me properly. WAYV has tactically positioned LED lights on the harness to provide maximum visibility in any riding position, as well as turning indicators. No other bike light currently does that. We designed it with commuters in mind, as it can be used with or without a backpack. And with the indicating capabilities, it will be much easier for others to see how you want to turn. This product was created to help not just the cyclists, but all road users.”

The WAYV wearable bike light indicators system was designed and developed by Amit Trehan along with Eddie Dotun, who are both enthusiastic cyclists. Amit is a software architect with an electronics background and Dotun is an analyst and software designer. Together they have more than 20 years of shared experience. They have invested their own money to get the product to the prototype stage and engaged Sabotage Design, London to help with the product development.

The WAYV wearable bike light indicators come in the following product set:

  • Harness – The WAYV harness can be worn by cyclists or attached to their backpack. It features over 200 seamlessly integrated bright LEDs to make the rider bright and visible. Front and back indicators allow for better control of a bike as the cyclist’s hands can remain on the handlebars whilst letting traffic and pedestrians know which way they are turning or manoeuvring. The iconic ‘X’ tail-light provides maximum visibility in all weather conditions.
  • Helmet adapter – The WAYV helmet adapter features a flashing indicator on each side of the bright red ‘X’ tail-light. The adapter can be fitted to almost any vented helmet. The individual doesn’t have to part with their personal helmet for a specialist indicating one, they can simply attach the WAYV and have the best of both.
  • WAYV handlebar controller

    Wireless remote – Fixed onto the handlebars, the wireless remote can be operated by simply nudging the lever up or down to activate the both harness and helmet indicators.

  • Smart Phone App: WAYV comes equipped with the simple app for smartphones to enhance the user experience. It provides notifications about the battery levels and allows users to customise their light patterns (flashing/static).

The WAYV harness is lightweight, fold-able and can fit into any backpack.

After two years in development, WAYV launched its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign last week to acquire £85,000 of funding to put the product into production. They already have a working prototype and backers of the Kickstarter campaign will receive heavily discounted rates on the product and be the first to own it once released.

The price tag on Kickstarter is £75 for the whole system.


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