Wearable Bike Lock


Seatylock, who brought us the bike seat lock and more recently the Foldylock, have now added the Foldylock Clipster which they claim to be the world’s first wearable bike lock that is folding.

We almost objected to their wording of “wearable bike lock” because we had written up the Hiplok wearable bike lock many months ago. But where Hiplok is also wearable, the Foldylock Clipster is both a wearable bike lock AND a folding bike lock.

Like its forerunner the Foldylock, the Clipster has hardened steel links over-molded by a reinforced-military graded-UV treated polymer but the key difference is a built-in plastic clip to enable easy attachment to any belt, trousers or bag. It makes it both “friendly” to your bike’s paint job which protects it against extreme conditions so it won’t rust and therefore will maintain its fresh look for a long time. Whether a 1 kg wearable bike lock is entirely friendly to your belt or trousers is another issue!

It is constructed from anti-drilling-hardened components, so it is built to resist most violent abuse. The Clipster circumference is 85 cm so it is long enough to lock your bike frame and one of the wheels to an external object. The manufacturers claim that it is the “strongest folding lock you can find if you consider its weight, looks, and function”.

The company also says that they observe a trend towards keeping bike frames “clean” of accessories, which reinforces their thought to have a wearable bike lock, either clipped to the belt or in a pocket or bag. Shahaf Levi, the chief designer at Foldylock, says that “a folding wearable bike lock is the natural solution since it has the ability to fold into a compact shape yet still retain a great level of security. That is why we believe it will revolutionise the urban cycling experience.”

The Foldylock Clipster is rated Sold Secure Silver.

The company has again chosen to go down the Kickstarter route and the project is funded with over two weeks left to run.


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