Wearable LED Lights for On & Off Your Bike


Innovative Swedish design company Bookman have come out with some wearable LED lights which you can wear both on and off your bike.

These “Eclipse” lights are easily mounted on to your jacket, bag or backpack and have a run time of up to 60 hours before they need recharging.

Eclipse Wearable LED Lights

The wearable LED lights feature both red and white LEDs so you can have white to the front and red to the rear, so legally compliant while on your bike but also giving a good indication while walking or running.

The lights are super bright and come with a USB cable for recharging. The Eclipse wearable LED light comes in three different colourways: gray, black, and pink.

Deliveries start in March but you can preorder before the end of February to get a 15% early bird discount by using the code ECLIPSE15 at the checkout.

We particularly liked the bone-shaker visibility stickers from Bookman which we described in April last year as well as the leopard-like markings you also get for the urban jungle which also give you better visibility in the dark as well as a cool look on your bike.

Bookman also provide some simple lights which just attach in seconds to your bike with something like an elastic band. They are not going to be bright enough to light your way home on a rural lane, but certainly provide added visibility in an urban environment. They also have that great advantage of being easily put on and taken off your bike, rather than being left for the next thief to come along.

They have followed this concept of easy attachment with their new Eclipse models which can be added to clothes or bags in seconds.


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