What type of materials can be used to make a bicycle?


Nowadays the main bike materials on the market are aluminium and steel. But the reality is that you can find a plethora of bicycles that are created from some other durable materials too. You really have to figure out what matters the most for you and your type of cycling, then select what meets your style.

Bamboo bicycles

These are very interesting because you will get a bamboo frame. The rest is obviously using steel and all the other bike materials you usually find in a regular bike. But it still makes a lot of sense to use bamboo for the bicycle frame because it’s flexible, super easy to use and reliable. We covered a bamboo bike here


Of course, you can’t really use just any type of cardboard. But there are a lot of interesting options to consider and there was a useful concept bike made of cardboard back in 2012 as part of a demonstration project for the UN. Having bikes made out of cardboard could really pay off immensely in the developing world, but they are not in production yet.

Plastic bicycles

These are rare, it was an attempt in the early 80s in order to use recycled plastics as the core bike material. It didn’t pan out that well because plastic even in its most durable form was not able to withstand the pressure and forces of a bike. Yet despite all of that, it did work a lot better than you would imagine.

Titanium bicycle

Titanium is a very powerful and durable material. While titanium bicycles are very expensive, you will have no problem achieving great results because of their light weight. A lot of people like this bike material because they are light, strong, reliable and super easy to manoeuvre. It might take a little bit of getting used to due to their weight, and some are opposed to them as they can’t be welded like a steel bike, but the light weight remains impressive.

wooden bike

Wooden bicycles

Yes, there are a lot of bikes out there using wood as the main bike material. We covered the hollow frame bike here and the beautiful donkey here. It’s a stellar purchase and a wooden bike is always going to draw admiring looks. 

Carbon fibre

Carbon fibre is very popular as a bike material in the top end of the road bike sector. It’s lightweight, which is why a lot of people gravitate towards it to begin with. 

3D Printed Bikes

We have even seen a stainless steel 3D printed bike from the Netherlands, which, although just a prototype at the time, was certainly eye-catching. See our article here


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