When is a Folding Bike not a Folding Bike?


When it’s a Gi FlyBike is the answer. Partly because this folding bike is an e-bike, and partly because it comes with 26 x 1.5” tyres and just doesn’t look like the archetypal folding bike with its characteristically small wheels.

OK, it doesn’t fold as small, but it folds quicker. Like some folding bike models, it uses a drive belt rather than a chain, but has solid, anti-puncture tyres, which I am not currently aware of being fitted to other folding bikes. It is claimed that the LifePo battery with Bafang brushless 250W 36V pedelec hub motor will give you up to 60km on one charge. It’s also equipped with disc brakes in both wheels.

The bike utilises 100% recyclable “aircraft grade aluminium alloy” for light weight, though the exact weight is something we’re waiting to learn.

Interestingly, the bike’s electronics will cause it to lock when you are more than 5m away. This is down to the App (Android and iPhone) and its Blue-Tooth connectivity. You can however order separate USB stick which can unlock the bike, so you can have your own bike-share program with a friend or partner.

I don’t know how you feel about the design, but I find it both wonderfully innovative and modern, and yet somehow it looks traditional and old-fashioned, all in one. My overall view: it’s attractive. The bike is

Originally successfully funded to$426,980 on Kickstarter, it was then brought into the InDemand program on Indiegogo. It raised a total of $610,404 which was a massive 569% of their target. The designers have struck a deal with Yadea Technology Group in Wuxi, China, who are a major manufacturer of e-bikes and electric motorbikes and scooters, which will see this go into volume production and international distribution from June of this year.


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