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Following on from mentioning My-Boo’s bamboo bikes yesterday, here is some information regarding a UK based builder of wooden bikes, built using local trees species.

Peter Charnaud builds hand-made bikes, which he exhibited at the Bristol Bespoked 2015 show. The road bike featured in the photo at the top of this page was made from Cedar, which is very light weight but strong, and Sycamore, which is slightly heavier but tough and with a nice figuring in the grain. There is also a small amount of walnut detailing in the frame, so there is a very attractive combination of colours that would no doubt attract a lot of attention and admiration from other cyclists. This light-weight road bike was built using Campagnolo drive train and brakes.

Another example of a road bike, this time slightly heavier, used elm for its looks and London Plane for strength. The bike has curved front forks which give a little bit of suspension. The forks are in elm with some hidden London plane crossing grains. This model uses Shimano 105 at the front and Campagnolo at the rear.

Peter, who trades as woodenbikedotcom, has also built a full suspension mountain bike designed for downhill riding. This model uses a combination of Walnut and London Plane, both of which are strong and resilient woods. The bottom bracket uses the Paxis PF40 system which is strong and stable under load. This bike has a 2 speed front mech. The suspension linkage is made from Aluminium and the pivot points (bearings) are brass lubricated with copper slip grease. The front head angle is quite slack as this bike is designed for downhill riding mainly. The wheels are Crank Brothers tubeless although Peter runs them with tubes. The rearmech and drive are Shimano 105 and there is a clutch on the rear deraileur arm to stop chain slap. The bar is Crank brothers and the head tube is designed to take a tapered front fork, using the Fox float.

For more information visit Woodenbikedotcom.

You might like to compare these wooden bikes with a new, German wooden e-bike.


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