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Another Berlin Bike Show exhibitor took a somewhat different approach from Peter Charnaud here in the UK and his woodenbikedotcom hand built wood bikes (covered as a separate story here on CyclingSpy today), and has built a wooden E-Bike, exploiting the enormous upward trend for e-bikes in Germany with almost 2 million of them in use in that country.

Somewhat reminiscent of a child’s wooden balance bike, Aceteam Berlin have a stylish model designed with input from the Technical College for Sustainable Development (HNE) at Eberswalde, which is the premier German forestry and wood technology research and training centre. Aceteam chose to use ash for its mechanical properties, which are reasons why it has a history of use in carriages and wagons and even Swiss sledges.

Aceteam’s production has now started with the aim of producing 100 bikes in this, their first year. The bike has a Heinzmann PRA 18030 e-bike motor in the rear wheel which will assist the rider to a speed of 25 km/hr and the 11 Ah/400Wh 36V lithium ion battery has a nominal range of 60 km on a charge, which takes up to 6 hours. The bike deploys the Gates Carbon Drive and is equipped with Magura MT4 disc brakes. The bike weighs 21kg which is comparable with other e-bikes.

For more information use Google Chrome to translate aceteam.de/#bikes. CyclingSpy is told that the website will have an online shop added soon.



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