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It is seasonally cheering when you learn that Backroads Travel, who are one of the longest established active travel companies and offer cycling holidays in a host of different countries, have teamed up with World Bicycle Relief (WBR) where all donations are being matched pound-for-pound, dollar-for-dollar. WBR provides bicycles to help improve daily transportation for people in impoverished regions where a four-hour walk to and from school is the norm.

It’s a sobering thought when you travel to a less affluent country and see the relative poverty. As a cyclist, it is difficult not to contrast the number of gears on your bike or bikes back home, and the basic cycles that you get to see. And then somebody brings the message home to you, that these are the lucky ones because they have a bike.

Part of World Bicycle Relief’s year-end campaign is celebrating #GivingTuesday with a one-day goal to raise funds for 1,200 bikes. Backroads will help amplify WBR’s big goal that day by encouraging donations to the organization as holiday gifts. World Bicycle Relief will also be matching all donations between now and December 31.

A strong reliable form of transportation can make a major positive difference in people’s lives and help boost economic development, healthcare, and education. Backroads’ donation to World Bicycle Relief will have a direct impact on the lives of students. At Kenya’s Bukhaywa Secondary School, which is already receiving bikes as part of the Bicycles for Educational Empowerment program, attendance is up 28% and girls have shared with their teachers that they now aspire to become doctors, engineers, professors and lawyers. More bicycles in the hands of girls and boys in rural regions of the developing world have the potential to help lift families and communities out of poverty.

“Biking is at the core of our company since we began running bike tours across the globe almost 40 years ago,” said Backroads Founder and President, Tom Hale. “Teaming up with World Bicycle Relief enhances our efforts to use the bicycle as a tool for empowerment and it’s gratifying to know that the gift of a bike this holiday season can provide independence and improve lives.”

“We’re inviting our global community to be part of our #GivingTuesday effort by helping us raise funds for 1,200 bicycles on November 29. Having Backroads bring this message to their community to help us achieve success is remarkable. It’s both humbling and inspiring to work with partners who truly understand and believe in the power of bicycles,” Katie Bolling, Director of Partnerships at World Bicycle Relief.

Anyone can give the gift of a World Bicycle Relief bike this holiday season for $147 or just under £120. Other options include a gift of $50 (£40) for a toolkit, or $25 (£20) for a wheel set. Donations can be made in someone’s name and World Bicycle Relief will provide a special holiday e-card as acknowledgement of the gift. Additional information on Backroads’ Giving Back program is also online, as is World Bicycle Relief’s A Way Forward Campaign.

World Bicycle Relief – Buffalo Bike

The Buffalo Bicycle is engineered for more tasks, serving as a powerful economic engine in rural communities. The specially designed frame, carrier and stand of the Buffalo Bicycle provide the stability and durability needed to support big loads and passengers over long distances in remote areas. The Buffalo Bicycle is compatible with locally available spare parts, requiring only basic tools for maintenance and repair. WBR operates a Field Mechanic Training Program to help keep the bicycles rolling, using a universal training manual that instructs with pictures and diagrams rather than words. To date, over 1,000 field mechanics have been trained, offering riders access to local maintenance.


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